In 1909, Emiliano Zapata (Marlon Brando), a well-born but penniless
Mexican Indian from a remote province, Morelos, comes to Mexico City to
complain that their arable land has been enclosed, leaving them only in the
danger, and when he rashly rescues a prisoner from the local militia he
becomes an outlaw. Urged on by a strolling intellectual, Fernando (Joseph
Wiseman), he supports the exiled Don Francisco Madero (Harold Gordon)
against Diaz, and becomes the leader of his forces in the South as Pancho
Villa (Alan Reed) is in theNorth. Diaz flees, and Madero takes his place; but
he is a puppet president, in the hands of the leader of the army, Huetra
(Frank Silvera), who has him assassinated when he tries to express
solidarity for the men who fought for him. Zapata and Villa return to arms,
and, successful in victory, seek to find a leader for the country. Unwillingly,
Zapata takes the job, but, a while later, he responds to some petitioners
from his own village with no more reassurance than had Diaz years before.,
Realizing that with power his idealism has gone, he returns with them to
Morelos - specifically to investigate their complaints against his brother
decide that Zapata is a threat to their regime. decide that Zapata is a threat
to their regime.


Marlon Brando ...  Emiliano Zapata
Jean Peters ...  Josefa Zapata
Anthony Quinn ...  Eufemio
Joseph Wiseman ...  Fernando

Director:Elia Kazan

Writer: John Steinbeck
Runtime: 113 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Country: USA
Language: English

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Viva Zapata 1958 DVD
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Viva Zapata!
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